Online Barter Software Platform for Your Barter Exchange

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Online Barter Software Platform for Your Barter Exchange
In addition to complete barter management software to run your barter exchange company, The Trade Alliance also offers complete billing services with all revenues paid directly into your bank account; plus a mobile barter app, customized for your barter exchange that works with all smart phones and tablets. That means even MORE on-the-go barter services transactions (and more revenue for you!) by the busy business owners in your B2B barter exchange.

QR Member ID cards

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QR Cards, you design and can designate any member, spouse, child, or partner to get their own card, and then using the QR card do transactions, anywhere scanning the card thru a smart phone. More secure than a credit card as no one can use a scan device to get your card number. Card can be deactivated by you in a matter of seconds.


Contact through SKYPE

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I will be logged in to SKYPE most days whenever I am in the office. Could be anytime between Midnight and 4PM Eastern time. If you need a quick chat via instant messaging that is the place to do that. Calls should still be directed to the office on my direct line, 352 505-4848

My SKYPE name is alanmink

2016 starts out with a bang!

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Not even 2 months into the new year The Trade Alliance has seen new exchanges come on board in Toronto, Boston, Texas,  Arizona, Idaho and Cal.

The Trade Alliance makes staff additions

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As of Monday, Nov. 2nd a new help line has been extablished for all exchange owners and brokers. Exchanges can E-mail or call the help line to get answers to any questions they may have concerning their exchange or the software. This frees up The Trade Alliance management to spend more of their time on software enhancements. To this end The Trade Alliance will be adding an additional software deveolper to the staff before the end of 2015.

Build your own custom website

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All barter software providers have their own template. Do you want your site to look like everyone else’s? With The Trade Alliance we too have a template that you can use but we recommend that you use one of the many website designers we have in the network on trade (currently over 90 website designers) and choose a website from WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal and have them build your site the way you want it. Once you do that we simply provide you with 2 links, one for members to login and another for members to join your exchange. You then do not look like any other barter exchange. Some examples of sites in our network with their own custom site are:, (our marketing site),

Members love to travel

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It is a fact that every exchange does approximately 85% of its business within it’s own membership but travel is the number one reason to do transactions with another barter exchange. As a member of The Trade Alliance you have access to many resorts, hotels and bed and breakfast around the US and other countries. t is impossible to list all places to travel but some of the most often visited are: Various destinations in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Southern Ca., Phoenix, Tucson, Virginia Beach, Many locations in FL. incl Clearwater and Orlando, the “Keys”, St. Louis, Houston, and many more. Overall several hundred properties are available.

Members download scrip and gift certificates

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Members download scrip and gift certificates directly from The Marketplace to their computer, tablet or phone, eliminating the time to receive them by mail.

Once a member orders scrip or gift certificates they receive an e-mail with the ordered certificates attached that they can then print for use.

The seller then can scan the certificates when they are used and generate a report daily of all certificates redeemed.


Want to possibly sell your Exchange?

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We have an exchange owner that is interested in acquiring established exchanges in the US.

If you have even the slightest interest please contact The Trade Alliance office at

and we will put you in touch with this exchange.

Info on Smart phones, Tablets and PC’s

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In 2014 the sales of Smart phones will exceed 1 billion. Tablets will out sell PC’s by 2015 according to the latest statistics. Because of this the ability to access your website via Smart phone or tablet becomes a necessity rather than just a nice additional feature. All users of The Trade Alliance barter software to run their exchanges have this ability now.