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The True leader in barter software

February 23rd, 2011

Recently saw one of the barter software suppliers claiming to be the new leader! Not only a false claim but based on what criteria? Hope, wishful thinking? Claiming to be the leader when at best they are 4th or 5th in the number of exchanges using their software (out of 6 we even consider to be remotely relevant). Less than 2 years in business they do maybe 10% the monthy volume that The Trade Alliance does, have far fewer exchanges using their software, have far fewer total members in the network. What do they lead in? Hopefully anyone that is looking at barter software does their due diligence and learrns about anyone they intend to do business with. How big is the organization? How many exchanges use the software to run their business? (Do not confuse that with claims that they have x amount of exchanges in their network) We do not allow just any barter company to access our network as the others do. If you do not use The Trade Banc software then you do not have access to the offers and members. We support our software users by not allowing just any barter company to buy all the “goodies” leaving the network with the leftovers. Do you know that several of the software suppliers to the barter industry also run their own exchanges too?  Do you think it is a conflict of interest to supply software to someone and be a competitor too?

The Trade Alliance, the true leader in supplying barter software to the barter industry with 7 exchanges choosing The Trade Alliance software to run their exchange in just the last 7 weeks.

Growth in 2011 continues at rapid pace.

February 9th, 2011

During the first week in Feb several more exchanges joined the family of independent trade exchanges using  The Trade Alliance barter software. These new exchanges service, Jacksonville, Fl, southern GA., and Eastern Long Island, New York.