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True custom sites, only from The Trade Alliance®

March 15th, 2011

Tired of the same old look that you see at Barter 21 or DoBarter software users? Only The Trade Alliance® offers you the ability to have your own custom site where you control the look, what appears on your home page, and you have thousands of  Templates available. Call to learn more about the barter software that is the standard by which all others are compared.  Direct line 352 505-4848. More features, more members, more volume than any of the others, The Trade Alliance® , the true leader in barter software since 2004.

Making the right choice

March 1st, 2011

When using The Trade Alliance® barter software to run their exchange a barter exchange gains the immediate advantage over their competition by having a software with many features that give them an advantage. Color coded members list in the manager so at a glance they can see the status of a member. The ability to pick and choose what items in the Marketplace they want their members to see or have access to. The ability to post date an e-bulletin so even if you are traveling your members still get notices. Broker set up so multiple brokers can receive commissions on a member with individual commission rates that can vary by broker and the ability to chose what type of transactions a broker gets paid on. If you are currently using The Trade Alliance® cutting edge software you made the right choice. If you are currently not using The Trade Alliance® barter software to run your exchange then you should at least find out why it will improve you volume, cut down your admin time and give your members a chance to trade with one of the largest member bases on the planet. Last year saw an increase of 7976 members in the network, total sales in the network increased by $23,334,415.67 and  The Trade Alliance® processed 667,584 transactions. call today to get your exchange running on the software that provides more features and  more proven technology with service since 2004.

 Direct Line 352 505-4848