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Online Barter Software Platform for Your Barter Exchange

September 10th, 2018
Online Barter Software Platform for Your Barter Exchange
In addition to complete barter management software to run your barter exchange company, The Trade Alliance also offers complete billing services with all revenues paid directly into your bank account; plus a mobile barter app, customized for your barter exchange that works with all smart phones and tablets. That means even MORE on-the-go barter services transactions (and more revenue for you!) by the busy business owners in your B2B barter exchange.
Join now, save money and be part of the best barter network.

Complete online barter software for operating your barter company and you will never pay more than $395.00 per month no matter how much business you do and never pay a barter fee!

Here are all the details!

New exchanges (those with less than 50 members) pay a $75.00 setup fee and your site will be up in less than 48 business hours. You then pay no fee for another month then the minimum fee of $35.00 per month or 1/2 of 1% of  each transaction to a maximum of $395.00 in any month where your transaction volume is $39,500.00 or more. We guarantee your rate will never increase.

Existing exchanges that switch over that are now paying a fee of $500.00 per month or more will now get no usage fees for 90 days, a savings of $1500.00, then 4 months pay a usage fee of $250.00 per month, another savings of $1000.00. After the 4 months is over you will pay a maximum fee of $395.00 per month and a guarantee that your rate will never increase. Your total costs for the rest of 2019 could be only $1500.00 if you sign up now!

If you are an existing exchange with more than 50 members you will pay no set up fee and get 60 additional days with no fees. Then standard rates will apply.

Sign up at or

Direct Line 352 270-9085