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Lower the cost to run your barter company forever

May 20th, 2019

Over 20 years ago we changed the cost to run your barter company. Before The Trade Alliance you had few choices and they wanted 20% of your profits to use their software. We introduced  a better software with the best support  and a fixed cost that would never exceed $500.00 per month until now when we lower your costs more!

Now we revolutionize the cost to run your barter company again.

Complete online barter software for operating your barter company and you will never pay more than $395.00 per month no matter how much business you do and never pay a barter fee! Also a guarantee that you will never pay more than $395.00 and now the most important factor in choosing a software platform how much do you pay? A new plan than will reduce your monthly costs even further. After 1 year of paying the maximum fee of $395.00 with no late payments we will reduce you cost to $295.00 per month. If after that year of paying $295.00 with no late payments we will reduce you fee again to only $195.00 per month and it will remain there as long as payments are received on time. if you are paying someone their typical monthly fee of $500.00 per month or more you will save over $3600.00 per year for as long as you are in business!

Online Barter Software Platform for Your Barter Exchange

September 10th, 2018
Online Barter Software Platform for Your Barter Exchange
In addition to complete barter management software to run your barter exchange company, The Trade Alliance also offers complete billing services with all revenues paid directly into your bank account; plus a mobile barter app, customized for your barter exchange that works with all smart phones and tablets. That means even MORE on-the-go barter services transactions (and more revenue for you!) by the busy business owners in your B2B barter exchange.
Join now, save money and be part of the best barter network.

Complete online barter software for operating your barter company and you will never pay more than $395.00 per month no matter how much business you do and never pay a barter fee!

Here are all the details!

New exchanges (those with less than 50 members) pay a $75.00 setup fee and your site will be up in less than 48 business hours. You then pay no fee for another month then the minimum fee of $35.00 per month or 1/2 of 1% of  each transaction to a maximum of $395.00 in any month where your transaction volume is $39,500.00 or more. We guarantee your rate will never increase.

Existing exchanges that switch over that are now paying a fee of $500.00 per month or more will now get no usage fees for 90 days, a savings of $1500.00, then 4 months pay a usage fee of $250.00 per month, another savings of $1000.00. After the 4 months is over you will pay a maximum fee of $395.00 per month and a guarantee that your rate will never increase. Your total costs for the rest of 2019 could be only $1500.00 if you sign up now!

If you are an existing exchange with more than 50 members you will pay no set up fee and get 60 additional days with no fees. Then standard rates will apply.

Sign up at or

Direct Line 352 270-9085

QR Member ID cards

February 25th, 2017

QR Cards, you design and can designate any member, spouse, child, or partner to get their own card, and then using the QR card do transactions, anywhere scanning the card thru a smart phone. More secure than a credit card as no one can use a scan device to get your card number. Card can be deactivated by you in a matter of seconds.


Build your own custom website

July 18th, 2014

All barter software providers have their own template. Do you want your site to look like everyone else’s? With The Trade Alliance we too have a template that you can use but we recommend that you use one of the many website designers we have in the network on trade (currently over 90 website designers) and choose a website from WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal and have them build your site the way you want it. Once you do that we simply provide you with 2 links, one for members to login and another for members to join your exchange. You then do not look like any other barter exchange. Some examples of sites in our network with their own custom site are:, (our marketing site),

Members download scrip and gift certificates

July 11th, 2014

Members download scrip and gift certificates directly from The Marketplace to their computer, tablet or phone, eliminating the time to receive them by mail.

Once a member orders scrip or gift certificates they receive an e-mail with the ordered certificates attached that they can then print for use.

The seller then can scan the certificates when they are used and generate a report daily of all certificates redeemed.


Info on Smart phones, Tablets and PC’s

January 3rd, 2014

In 2014 the sales of Smart phones will exceed 1 billion. Tablets will out sell PC’s by 2015 according to the latest statistics. Because of this the ability to access your website via Smart phone or tablet becomes a necessity rather than just a nice additional feature. All users of The Trade Alliance barter software to run their exchanges have this ability now.

VCA Wins very prestigious award!

July 15th, 2013

The Trade Alliance® is extremely proud of one of our trade exchange family. Congratulations to Value Card Alliance, headquartered in Phoenix and with several branch offices. They were notified that they are in the top 250 of the Inc. 500 – America’s fastest growing companies. Christie Acevedo, Brian Beal and Tim Fyke, owners of Value Card Alliance, are very excited for what this could potentially do for the Barter industry as a whole. Christie Acevedo, VCA’s President will be going to Washington DC in October for amazing meetings for 3 days and a black tie awards ceremony where they announce exactly what ranking Value Card Alliance has.

This award shows how powerful barter has become in helping business maximize their profit potential, conserve cash, and deal with the problems of today’s economy. The award shows what a great job Value Card Alliance has done in marketing and customer service.

Franchise your barter company or not?

June 3rd, 2013

Franchising of many businesses is a major way to get into a business of choice. A company that franchises their business like McDonald’s, Wendy’s etc offer you many advantages such as Brand recognition and protection of many of your assets as the parent company guards fervently their brands.

A barter franchise offers nothing other than great cost to a franchisee. You can start your own Barter company with The Trade Alliance® for $200.00, get access to all the other barter exchanges in the network and trade with ten’s of thousands of members throughout the US and Canada. Unlike a franchise where they tell you where you can operate, what you must charge and you must follow their rules. With The Trade Alliance® we give you all the necessary help to get started, protect your data and proprietary information, give you all the training needed, as required and it is all included in the 1 time set up fee of $200.00, which is even waived for existing exchanges with 50 active members or more. Ask a prospective franchiser what they offer you and what it will cost before you spend large amounts of capital to get nothing more and often less than what we offer. The Trade Alliance®, we are a company that looks to under promise and over deliver.

Why The Trade Alliance® to run your barter exchange?

April 18th, 2013

The first choice for new or existing exchanges to run their business. Why?

The Trade Alliance® is a powerful barter software  and trade system giving members to your site the ability to list items for  sale and purchase them from others who no longer have use for them or have excess capacity to do more business.. If users come to the site and do not immediately find what they need, they can create a want  list so that ten’s of thousands of users may fulfill the request.

This platform supports the most common shipping and payment gateways while also supporting offline payment methods. As the site administrator, you can define your own combination of user listing fees, featured items , transaction  fees, monthly Admin. fees and/or utilize an optional escrow service.

No long term contract and you own your members, unlike some of the Franchise operations who own the members.

Construct your own virtual barter website within a short amount of time using the software’s professional built-in functionality. Create the custom site you want while defining the site specifics you need in order to generate revenue The Trade Alliance® also supports multiple languages such as French, and Spanish. After your one-time small sign up fee, you run your exchange as you want! From that point, you have complete control over the script and your site as the site administrator.

The Trade Alliance® announces the launch of their new Mobile App.

August 28th, 2012

Our mobile web app allows all members to access the member list of their exchange from any mobile device.  Members are able to access the entire member list  from I Phones, Androids, Blackberry as well as the many other mobile devices and tablets. All exchanges and their  members within The Trade Alliance® has had for several years the ability to do transactions form their cell phones and this is the next logical step.

Each mobile app is designed uniquely for each exchange, customized with your message to members and listing all your members.