Many major markets available

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There are many major markets available that have been set up already. Website complete, hosting complete. You can be in business in barter in less than 24 hours. Among the markets available – Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Charlotte, Buffalo, Lake Tahoe, Indianapolis, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Jacksonville, Baton Rouge, Baltimore, Boise, Milwaukee, Madison, San Jose, Sarasota, Pittsburgh, Tallahassee, Syracuse, Memphis, Des Moines Greensboro, and Oklahoma City. Do not see a market you are interested in? Call The Trade Alliance office at 352 505-4848

VCA Wins very prestigious award!

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The Trade Alliance® is extremely proud of one of our trade exchange family. Congratulations to Value Card Alliance, headquartered in Phoenix and with several branch offices. They were notified that they are in the top 250 of the Inc. 500 – America’s fastest growing companies. Christie Acevedo, Brian Beal and Tim Fyke, owners of Value Card Alliance, are very excited for what this could potentially do for the Barter industry as a whole. Christie Acevedo, VCA’s President will be going to Washington DC in October for amazing meetings for 3 days and a black tie awards ceremony where they announce exactly what ranking Value Card Alliance has.

This award shows how powerful barter has become in helping business maximize their profit potential, conserve cash, and deal with the problems of today’s economy. The award shows what a great job Value Card Alliance has done in marketing and customer service.

Franchise your barter company or not?

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Franchising of many businesses is a major way to get into a business of choice. A company that franchises their business like McDonald’s, Wendy’s etc offer you many advantages such as Brand recognition and protection of many of your assets as the parent company guards fervently their brands.

A barter franchise offers nothing other than great cost to a franchisee. You can start your own Barter company with The Trade Alliance® for $200.00, get access to all the other barter exchanges in the network and trade with ten’s of thousands of members throughout the US and Canada. Unlike a franchise where they tell you where you can operate, what you must charge and you must follow their rules. With The Trade Alliance® we give you all the necessary help to get started, protect your data and proprietary information, give you all the training needed, as required and it is all included in the 1 time set up fee of $200.00, which is even waived for existing exchanges with 50 active members or more. Ask a prospective franchiser what they offer you and what it will cost before you spend large amounts of capital to get nothing more and often less than what we offer. The Trade Alliance®, we are a company that looks to under promise and over deliver.

Why The Trade Alliance® to run your barter exchange?

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The first choice for new or existing exchanges to run their business. Why?

The Trade Alliance® is a powerful barter software  and trade system giving members to your site the ability to list items for  sale and purchase them from others who no longer have use for them or have excess capacity to do more business.. If users come to the site and do not immediately find what they need, they can create a want  list so that ten’s of thousands of users may fulfill the request.

This platform supports the most common shipping and payment gateways while also supporting offline payment methods. As the site administrator, you can define your own combination of user listing fees, featured items , transaction  fees, monthly Admin. fees and/or utilize an optional escrow service.

No long term contract and you own your members, unlike some of the Franchise operations who own the members.

Construct your own virtual barter website within a short amount of time using the software’s professional built-in functionality. Create the custom site you want while defining the site specifics you need in order to generate revenue The Trade Alliance® also supports multiple languages such as French, and Spanish. After your one-time small sign up fee, you run your exchange as you want! From that point, you have complete control over the script and your site as the site administrator.

The Trade Alliance® announces the launch of their new Mobile App.

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Our mobile web app allows all members to access the member list of their exchange from any mobile device.  Members are able to access the entire member list  from I Phones, Androids, Blackberry as well as the many other mobile devices and tablets. All exchanges and their  members within The Trade Alliance® has had for several years the ability to do transactions form their cell phones and this is the next logical step.

Each mobile app is designed uniquely for each exchange, customized with your message to members and listing all your members.

How important is a network like The Trade Alliance®?

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In the last 3 years going back to Jan. 2009 total sales just between the exchanges in The Trade Alliance® network totaled $22,053,597, sales that would not be generated without the ability of our family of exchanges to freely trade among themselves. Over $22 million dollars added to the sales that each exchange does within their own exchanges. One of the prime reasons exchanges align themselves with a proven software that boasts a large network of exchanges in the US and Canada.

Join The Trade Alliance®

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Join the Trade Alliance® to run your barter company and be able to trade with ten’s of thousands of members throughout the network.

Never a long term contract.

Trade with members of other exchanges in The Trade Alliance® with no fees in many major markets such as Tampa, Houston, Los Angeles, Clearwater, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Fort Worth, St. Louis, Dallas, Miami, Hawaii, Seattle, Boston, Maine, Charlotte, Augusta, Cleveland, Portland and many more.

Making the right choice

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The Trade Alliance® barter software is the leader in supplying software to the barter industry. Proven by the fact that over 50 exchanges choose The Trade Alliance® barter software last year and 5 more exchange for example just in the last 3 weeks, a record not duplicated by others. You get to be the best by actions and results, not by self proclamation as some others do. No other software has more features, more users or more experience. Having been in the barter industry for over 25 years we have the experience and know how to do it right.

Enhanced Regional settings implemented

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Regions, a newly implemented program is received by all exchanges with great enthusiasm.  Exchanges as well as The Trade Alliance® can create a region that will include any member of any exchange that fits the criteria for that region. Example – A region created is Central Florida. It contains members from several different exchanges that are in that “Region”. The manager of an exchange in that region determines what members he wants in that region, excluding local only designated members or they can include them. A member of those exchanges can now view member goods and services available by all members of all exchanges in The Trade Alliance®, only the members that are within their exchange, or any member that is in their “Region”

True custom sites, only from The Trade Alliance®

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Tired of the same old look that you see at Barter 21 or DoBarter software users? Only The Trade Alliance® offers you the ability to have your own custom site where you control the look, what appears on your home page, and you have thousands of  Templates available. Call to learn more about the barter software that is the standard by which all others are compared.  Direct line 352 505-4848. More features, more members, more volume than any of the others, The Trade Alliance® , the true leader in barter software since 2004.